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Resources on Louis Orr

This is a resources page about Louis Orr if you want to learn more about his work and life. If you have any questions or comments please use the contact section. 

Newspaper Articles

Below is a selection of Newspaper articles about Louis Orr. To see an article, click on the expand arrow in the gallery.


For a full transcription of Louis Orr's long autobiographical interview from 1925, click here.


The following links will take you to interesting websites about Louis Orr and his art:

An outstanding article by W. Keat Sparrow, which focusses on the history of Louis Orr's monumental North Carolina commission of 1939-1952

A biography of Louis Orr created by his great-grand-niece, Angela. It includes images and references to family archival material

New-Bern Craven County Public Library blog about their collection of Orr's North Carolina etchings

A short biography of Louis Orr with with images of some of his American etchings 

A complete list of every plate in Louis Orr's North Carolina series of etchings.

Describes the history of Smithfield Library's purchase of Louis Orr's complete North Carolina etching series

A brief biography of Louis Orr with a summary of his work in France and America

Biographical information and several interesting images of Louis Orr's French etchings.

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