Louis Orr's Work in France

From 1906 to around 1930, Louis Orr spent his time in France producing magnificent etchings that captured scenes in Paris, Rouen, Avignon, and Southern France. Orr also made significant contributions to France's history with his famous portrayal of Reims Cathedral while it was being bombed by the Germans in WWI and also with his illustrious commission by France of a portrait of  Louis Pasteur. 


Here, Orr’s work is organized by location to highlight the charm of the many charming places that he visited. His important work on Louis Pasteur and the Reims Cathedral is also featured.  



Rouen and Avignon


Southern France


Louis Pasteur

In 1923, Orr received a commission by the French government to create an etching from an Albert Edelfelt painting of Louis Pasteur for the national centenary celebrations of Pasteur’s birth. It was one of his most prestigious assignments in France.


Reims Cathedral

Louis Orr’s most renowned work is a series of three prints he made of the Cathedral of Reims in France in 1917. Sent in by the American War Department, he sketched the cathedral while it was being actively bombarded by the German military during the final year of World War I. France honored him for his heroism by bestowing upon him the title of Legion of Honor, Chevalier (knight) class and later made him an officer of the Legion of Honor.